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1 1809 1 19 Jan 2020 E.I.C. R.W Works Dept-Additional Secretary to Govt.Sri Dilip Kumar Ray, Department Officials
Regularisation of service of Sri P. Krishna Rao,A.E.E.(C) in thernpost of A.E. (C) and A.E.E.(C) presently working as J.E. (C) inrnN.H. Division, Sunabeda --
2 1732 1 19 Jan 2020 E.I.C. R.W Works Dept-Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Secretary
Sanction of ACP on completion of 15 years of service in the grade of Asst. Engineerrn(Civil) under regular Establishment in favour of Sri Sarat Kumar Rout, Ex. Asst.rnEngineer (Civil) ( Now Executive Engineer, Rural Works Division, Karanjia). --